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Bennet and Bernard Subsea provides its clients with the oceanographic knowledge they need through a variety of services.

Underwater ROV Inpection and Survey

A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is an underwater platform controlled from the surface that is highly maneuverable.

Underwater Ship Hull Cleaning

A major cost of operating a ship is the cost of fuel. Any reduction in fuel consumption will result in a direct and proportional reduction in operating costs. 

Emergency marine oil-spill detection and clean-up

Our team have found answers to key issues, like the early warning of spills and leakages, with imaginative technological solutions using a  hybrid AUV/ROV.

Marine pollution clean-up

Today’s oceans contain 26-66 million tons of waste, with approximately 94% located on the seafloor. 

Underwater inspection, maintenance and repairs

Repair and mitigation are often needed when inspection has revealed some damage or anomalies that have affected the integrity of the structure.

Inspection, monitoring and cleaning of ocean windfarms

Underwater ROVs have proven to be a great asset in many industries, especially those related to offshore. 

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