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ROV Systems Engineered for Science and Research

Remote operated vehicle mini ROV on deck of offshore vessel, Diving support operations


Many projects investigating underwater archaeology or marine life and their habitats involve long periods of observation—something ideally suited to BNB Subsea’s ROV capabilities. These ROVs are rugged tools that can be easily transported and deployed from small boats or narrow ridges, and enabling them to collect data in locations where no other technique would work. From swimming nose to nose with great white sharks to exploring under the sea ice of Antarctica, and inspecting underwater structures, there’s no job too tough for a BNB Subsea ROV.

The capabilities include collecting water and soil samples with the manipulator arm, monitoring water parameters with a sonde, measuring and scaling objects with lasers, and determining metal thickness with gauges. Educational possibilities are also endless with remote Internet ROV piloting capabilities and interactive aquarium exhibits at museums around the world.

Common science and research applications:

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